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Venezuelan Beauty Matters

Venezuelan Beauty Matters

venezuela south americaVenezuela has the highest number of beauty queens in the world. Many Venezuelan beauty queens have won in world-renowned beauty pageants contest such as, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss Universe. Many people from all over the world envy the Venezuelan beauty. They wonder why do Venezuelans are gorgeously looking. Actually, the answer may be quite simple- Venezuelan women follow strict beautification techniques ranging from the most bizarre of beauty makeovers, like mud facial rub, to the costly beauty surgeries. Whatever Venezuelan women choose, one thing’s for sure, they’re serious in making themselves beautiful not just in their eyes but in the eyes of others as well.

To many Venezuelans, beautification should not only be focused on the face alone but also on the body as well. Venezuelans would also invest a lot of effort, money, and time just to keep their bodies fit and good-looking. If they feel like they are slowly gaining weight, they would motivate themselves to lose it because they see weight gain as an ugly feature of the body.

When Venezuelans gain weight, they would try many ways just to get rid of that weight. Many would exercise religiously, while others would undergo weight loss surgeries. But, a number of Venezuelans now find weight loss supplements effective in their weight reduction regimen. Not only do weight loss supplements are cheap than weight reduction surgeries but they also effectively trim the excess weights of those Venezuelans who subscribe to them. Among their popular choice for weight loss supplements is Plexus Slim. Before Venezuelans order plexus slim products, they click here first to know more about the product.  This product is a very potent weight reduction supplement that has been used by many people around the world. It targets stubborn fats and burns them away safely. However, no matter how good the product is at reducing weight gains, there are still who have doubts with the product.

If you are one of those who still have doubts with the product, you can click this link to read about plexus weight loss testimonials. The people who gave those testimonials were also doubtful about Plexus Slim, but after they have tried the product, they were surprisingly satisfied. One mom testified that she was skeptical at first about the Plexus products but she did try one anyway. Now she’s happy for consuming Plexus Slim because she has lost a total of 32 inches of her waistline. She said that Plexus Slim changed her life and that she will share what she had experienced to motivate others who have the same problem as she had before.

However, many are also dissatisfied with the product saying it did not work for them. They say the product did not live up to its expectation and that they just wasted their money for nothing. However, I noticed that many of the negative reviews say the same thing- they still eat whatever they enjoy eating. Taking Plexus Slim, or any weight loss supplement, while on an unrestricted diet is not advisable as the efficacy of the supplement goes to waste.

So the next time you want to look beautiful and have a gorgeous body like Venezuelan beauties, be sure you know first what to do to achieve what you desire. If you want to lose weight by taking weight lose supplement, you must combine it with a healthy diet and proper exercise. I hope this post shed light on Venezuelan beauty matters.

Venezuela’s Food Favorites

Venezuela’s Food Favorites

pizza-329523_640In any other part of the World, even in Valenzuela, there are food favorites that no matter how fattening or loaded with calories, people just cannot get enough. For Venezuelans, there is a lot of ancestral influence in almost all things, including food choices. For they are mainly influenced by Europeans – Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese to be exact, famous food in this country are also as calorie-loaded as that of other European countries. Staple foods include corn and rice while potatoes and yams are amongst the favorite veggies, as well as beans.

Some of the famous dishes from Valenzuela include, for one, Arepa, a flatbread made of dough that is eaten almost daily, and is accompanied by a wide array of choices such as cheese, avocado, or jam, depending on what one feels like eating it with. Another Valenzuela delicacy is the Pasticho, their version of the European Lasagna. As for snacks, one of the most famous Venezuelan snack, and a wedding favorite, is the Tequeño. It is an elongated bread filled with white cheese and deep friend to perfection. They really like food stuffed with delicacies in the middle. Another example of which is the famous empanada. Venezuelans also love their selection of breads. Their breads are not your typical bread full of yeast and dough. They have fillings that differ from bread to bread. They have pan de jamon, which they stuff with ham, olives, and raisins. This is a most delighted sight especially during Christmas. Other breads are pan de Dulce, pan de Sicilliano and pan de Dulce.

To love food is never a wrong thing. After all, a happy stomach equals a happy person, and a happy person equals a happy life. Also, it is a necessity. But sometimes, this happiness can turn to sadness when in excess, it could cause trouble. Gaining weight, losing body curves, and consequently not feeling good about oneself can happen when proper diet is neglected.

With this, the worldwide promotion of health and wellness has soared higher and is being embraced by all countries. Each country designs their own wellness campaigns via promotion of sports, healthy food and exercise. Venezuelans should start adapting into this too, if not yet doing so. After all, Valenzuela is not a country to be left behind from any global advancement.

One way that people have started to practice is the use of different slimming products that aid people who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy figure. For people who want to try this technique, it is best to be aware of the best products that there are.

One of the growing products in this industry is Plexus Slim. This is a slimming product of Plexus Worldwide Inc., and has been known to help people from all walks of life, maintain a healthy body. The products main goal is to burn away excess fats, unlike other slimming products that burn away your muscles. Other products from Plexus also provide help for other health needs like blood sugar regulators, pain relief, and slimming accelerators. Click here and find various plexus slim reviews that testify to the effectiveness of this product. They share how the product has helped them enjoy all the food the world has to offer but still stay fit and slim and full of energy. If those are not enough to convince you of the product, follow this link for additional plexus slim review.

Excited to Go on Vacation in Venezuela

Excited to Go on Vacation in Venezuela

VenezuelaHave you thought about the next destination for your vacation? I am always excited to travel and bring great images and memories with me back home here in Toronto, Canada. I was supposed to go to Venezuela, but it was cancelled because I got involved in an accident. But before I tell you about that, let me share to you first about why I chose Venezuela as my next destination for my trip.

First of all, I want to visit the tallest waterfall in the world known as Angel Falls. It is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls and about one and a half higher than the Empire State Building of New York and there’s a place where I can enjoy an overnight stay near Angel Falls. Another exciting place that I really want to experience are the beaches, especially the Los Roques, they have the biggest nature reserve in the Caribbean and the mangrove islands, coral reefs and lagoons are a must-see.

These are the exciting plans that I have for my trip in Venezuela, but it will have to wait until I have fully recovered. I got into a car accident about a few months ago because of a negligent drunk driver. I was on my way home when the truck suddenly collided on my car. The impact was so strong that it made my car flip over a few times. I thought I was going to die.

Concerned citizens who saw the incident rushed to call for help. I couldn’t remember anything, all I know is that I woke up in terrible pain. I found out that the doctors had to fix my spine because it was severely injured and it’s the main reason why I need to undergo physical therapy for how many months.

With this, I had to call my friend who knows a good car accident lawyer Toronto. I can’t accept what happened to me and I need someone to help me out with my insurance claims. My hospital bills and other medical treatments are very expensive!

As soon as I’ve met the lawyer, he showed me the different legal options that I have. I didn’t know that insurance claims can be nasty and complicated, it was a wise decision that I hired a legal representative to make settlements so that I can surely be compensated. I heard some insurance companies undercompensate accident victims and one way to prevent it is to hire a lawyer.

With regards to the drunk driver, I filed a lawsuit and my lawyer made sure that he will pay for what he did, and yes, he paid it alright! This shouldn’t have happened if he didn’t drive while he was drunk. But sadly, there’s nothing else I can do, but to be more positive and to focus on my full recovery.

I know I’m going to have my vacation one of these days in Venezuela. It’s not happening soon, but I know time will come for that and I will definitely enjoy every moment of it!



Natural Weight Loss Supplements to Reduce the Risk of Obesity in Venezuela, Latin America, and the Rest of the World

Natural Weight Loss Supplements to Reduce the Risk of Obesity in Venezuela, Latin America, and the Rest of the World

No country would ever like to be in the top list of the fattest nations in the world. For one, obesity is a long-term health risk and can complicate and affect overall health if not continuously cared for. Being overweight can lead to serious conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and many others.

In a survey in 2009, Venezuela came in sixth on that list. 29.6% of the population in the country over the age of 15 were obese. While the rate of obese nations in Latin America was low, there were, however, a huge number of overweight people in total, which meant there was a chance this could only get worse.

In 2013, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization reported that Mexico has become the most overweight developed nation in the world. On that list, both Venezuela and Libya ranked fourth, at a rate of 30.8%. In just four years, Venezuela went up to two places. One cannot imagine how it will be in another four years.

The lack of exercise and discipline in food intake is obviously the culprits. But sometimes when a disease like obesity is already there, the risk of gaining more weight becomes higher and it gets harder to combat; often, exercise and a proper diet are not enough.

Dietary supplements like Plexus Slim can and will fight weight gain in the most natural way possible. With its all-organic ingredients, an overweight person can start to see results in a few weeks without suffering any side effects.

It works as an appetite suppressant. After taking the powdered drink, it will leave you full for hours. Two of its ingredients, Citrin K and Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside, signal the brain that you do not need to eat any more than you should. You won’t ever have that sudden impulse to wolf down sugary, fatty, or junk foods again. The fiber content in beet root, another valuable ingredient in the supplement, helps in promoting good digestion as well as a clean colon. It also has properties that help burn fat – not muscle – without needing to pair the diet with exercise; this is very good for people who have conditions that limit their physical activities/movement.

At this point, people need all the help they can get to avoid gaining extra weight and sustaining obesity-associated ailments. This alternative is much cheaper and safer in comparison to invasive surgery, and other weight loss drugs that have harmful chemicals combined in every pill.

You can read testimonials from satisfied customers and buy plexus slim products over at If you want to learn more about how the natural supplement works and how each of its ingredients function to improve your health, head on over to the Ingredients section.

Concerns of obesity in the country, as well as in other nations, are shooting up every year. Do not be one of the people at risk of the disease. Place your plexus slim order here now: You owe it to yourself. By clicking the link, you are one step closer to leading a healthier and happier life!

Dealing with Accident through the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ajax

Dealing with Accident through the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ajax

lawyerVenezuela was my hometown. I love this place, but my husband decided to move back to Ajax, Ontario, this is where he grew up. Venezuela is getting worst when we talk about the country’s economic condition. The prices of basic commodities continue to rise, with not much good job opportunities, and this can result to poverty. My husband wasn’t happy anymore with what’s happening in Venezuela and leaving the place is the best thing to do.

Time does fly fast and it’s my sixth year to live here in Ajax. I can really see the difference if I compare my living condition here in Canada and Venezuela, it is better here. I am happy that we’ve made the right decision. I have made friends, my neighbors are nice and I am now an active member of the church. It hasn’t been easy, but I have already adjusted. But I did not expect this one event in my life to happen very soon that made me thought about going back to Venezuela.

I have lived for more than 20 years in Puerto la Cruz and not a single accident has ever happened to me. But during my fifth year in Ajax, I have experienced tragedy when my husband and I were in an accident. It was very heartbreaking and depressing, but I couldn’t have overcome it if it wasn’t for the support of my friends, family and my Ajax personal injury lawyer.

One day, as we were crossing a pedestrian lane, a motorcycle just came straight at us even though the traffic light was still red. My husband and I were thrown away separately. I got up and checked on my husband but he was not in good condition and both of us were taken to the hospital right away.

Doctors found out that I had internal bleeding and they needed to operate on me. As for my husband, his head injury was severe and he also needed surgery. When I woke up, I saw the sad faces of the doctors and friends in the room. They told me my husband didn’t make it and that he didn’t survive the surgery. This news broke my heart and spirit. I was in shock and I was speechless.

One of my good friends in our church comforted me and told me about personal injury lawyers Ajax, you can visit their website for more information. I needed help with my finances and I should get the justice that my husband deserves. So I decided to hire an injury lawyer.

My lawyer discussed to me the fair compensation and benefits that I should have from our insurances. This can help in paying the bills, medications and get what I should rightfully receive from our insurance companies. Dealing with them can be hard which is why a legal representative can make things easier on my part.

And with the motorcycle driver, I filed a case against him and my lawyer made sure that my husband and I will win the case. The court was on our side and the driver received his sentences.

I am starting to move on with my life and it has only been a year. My husband and I love Ajax and I think I might be staying here for good.






The Examiner: The Future of the Venezuelan TV Industry

The Examiner: The Future of the Venezuelan TV Industry

One of the most popular TV shows in Venezuela right now is “The Examiner.” The Examiner is a documentary TV show that focuses on the stories of individual Venezuelans from all over the world. Although the TV show is very “uncommercial” it has proven to be a hit not just in Venezuela, but in many other parts of the world.

The most watched episode of the TV show focuses on Gael Garcia Rodriguez, a Venezuelan who moved to Toronto to become a roofer. After spending just a few years in Toronto, Garcia put up one of the most successful toronto roofing companies. Since then, Garcia has made himself richer and richer with each year that passes. Garcia’s story is already really fascinating, but the way the Examiner told it made it even more so.

Although Garcia’s success as the owner of one of the most successful toronto roofer companies (see: is a typical rags-to-riches story, but the way the Examiner told it made it seem like a very fresh. From the moment Garcia was getting his friends who happened to be insured and certified contractors to start a company with him to the part where Garcia and his friends ended up earning millions of dollars despite being blue collar workers, the Examiner tells every part of the story in a very artful, cinematic way.

We actually went out of our way to ask Garcia about what he thought of the episode. Here’s what he told us:

“I was actually very amazed at how the people behind the television show made roofing such an interesting subject. I supposed what I felt was similar to what Mark Zuckerberg felt when he saw the Social Network. Anyhow, to me and my colleagues, dealing with roofing problems all over Toronto is not something that’s exciting. Sure, we love helping out and earning a lot of money in the process, but the whole thing isn’t exciting as the show portrays it. Still, I really loved the episode.”

The Examiner’s other episodes may not be as good as the episode that features Garcia’s story, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not on the same level. Most of the show’s episodes are almost just as good. Still, the episode that focuses on Garcia’s story is the one that shows that TV should be considered a high art now. There’s no denying that TV can now be just as good as the best novels written; the Examiner episode focusing on Garcia’s story is a case in point.

It’s really an exciting time for the Venezuelan TV industry. Although the press might still be facing censorship from the government, this doesn’t mean that subversive, highly original, and artful shows like the Examiner can’t be produced in the country. Who knows, maybe someday, the Examiner might even end up airing a program that the government of Venezuela usually censors. Hopefully, such a day comes. If Examiner ends up producing such an episode, then we can reasonably expect it to shake things up.

Memories of Venezuela

Memories of Venezuela

venezuela flagI was born and raised in Venezuela. For 26 years, I lived in the country, growing up to love every nook and cranny of the place. From the food to the clothes, to the many festivities and cultural heritages, I am a true Venezuelan. Up until today, when I recall how much livelier and free-spirited the Venezuelan community is, I can’t help but feel homesick.

Now, I live in Toronto. It is a pretty place in its own right and it has its own scenery that I have grown to love as well. I moved here from Venezuela because my husband lives here and his work is here. From time to time we visit Venezuela so that I could get to embrace the culture and tradition that I grew up in, as well as reminisce how life in the country is.

There are a lot of things that Venezuela and Toronto could share to each other to make life in each country become so much brighter and lovelier than they already are.

For one, it would be nice if the way things can happen so instantly here in Toronto were the same in Venezuela. While my home country tries to keep up to speed with things, there are things here in Toronto that I never thought could be attended to so fast and easy. For instance, when we lived in Venezuela, my papa would always be the one to fix our roof whenever it starts to rain inside the house too. And since my papa has a day job too, it would take weeks for him to finish the repairs on our roof. And by the time he has fixed one problem, another one would immediately occur. Despite all that trouble, it is still a happy memory to linger to.

If only roofing businesses in Venezuela were as affordable and as fast as roofing Toronto style, then my papa would not have had to go through all the roofing repair bloopers of his life.

I was able to remember those memories and wished that Venezuela had a counterpart of Toronto’s Ace Roofers, the company that recently showed me how roofing repairs should be done, because we had roofing problems at home just a few days ago. My husband knew the company because it was one of the more prominent roofing companies in Toronto.

I got to witness as they gave our roof a free check-up and found the problems in just those minutes that they got to survey it. The roofers and my husband talked about how the water seems to be leaking from the left side of our house. They then proposed to my husband what should be done and when my husband readied to go and buy the materials, they said that they will handle everything as long as they approve of the given payment. My husband could not have been more pleased with how fast and effective the roofers were.

Venezuela should learn a thing or two about this business venture as I am sure it would help a lot of people in Venezuela. As for people in Toronto, if you want the best roofing Toronto style, contact Ace Roofers right away.


Living in Venezuela With Mold Growth Problems In Your Home

Living in Venezuela With Mold Growth Problems In Your Home

venezuela houseVenezuela is one of the finest places to settle. It is in a tropical location where people can enjoy sunny, dry weather almost all year-round. The South American country, which sits just above the equator, is known for having a diverse and rich culture that is also considered a melting pot. It is also known for having among the largest natural gas and oil reserves in the world. On top of that, it is one of the most bio-diverse countries ever! Basically, it is a place perfect for anyone who prefers to live in the tropics and experience a different and unique culture.

But what comes with a tropical country is a rainy season, apart from summer. Should you choose to reside in a place like Venezuela, you are going to experience wet days during May up to November. And what yet again comes with that is a humid atmosphere. If you have settled in a home anywhere in the country and you have not tested your place for air quality, there is likelihood of it experiencing some mold growth. While it may be alright to see some of it outside of your home, it may not be so pleasant if they are growing inside of it.

Indeed, molds thrive in humid conditions. Anywhere you are in the world where the weather is damp, there is mold growth; it is very important in the decomposition of organic matter in the environment. But to have it inside of your home is unhealthy. It has been known to produce irritants and allergens that cause allergic reactions to the skin and the body in general. People who have very sensitive bodies may likely react to the spread of these allergens, that is why it is important for you, especially if are one of these people, to allow experts to take a look at your home to get rid of all the growth.

A mold removal company can inspect your home, and see if how much of the mold has actually spread through your home. They will then get rid of the molds by spraying nontoxic liquids, which kill the mold and stop it from scattering, and scrubbing them off. Once every room has been cleared, they will provide you with helpful hints on how to keep your house mold-free; they will also suggest that you see them once in a while just to make sure that your house will never have massive mold growth in the coming years.

If you’re not in Venezuela, and live somewhere in Toronto, Canada – or perhaps you are living in the South American country and have decided to sell your home in Canada, where it is also sometimes a humid place – you can avail services from a mold removal toronto company to assist you with your problems with mold growth. What makes the companies in Toronto different from others is that they don’t charge their clients when they call for an inspection. Another thing that sets them apart is they really resolve the mold growth problem. Some companies just get rid of the molds that are visible around the house, and not perform a thorough search and cleaning of the harmful fungus.

Learn more about all of their services, including mold inspection Toronto, mold removal, as well as air quality analysis.

Housing Problems in Venezuela Have Gotten Worse

Housing Problems in Venezuela Have Gotten Worse

venezuela housing problemIn Latin America, Venezuela is known to be most urban country and it has been famous for its petroleum industry. But just like any other countries, they also face housing problems. It has been reported that for more than one year, Venezuelans in Caracas have been sleeping in bunks, disaster shelters and are also sharing bathrooms because of severe cheap housing shortage. We all know how important it is for everyone to live in a decent house. The leaders in the government make promises and eventually end up breaking them. This is a world-wide problem and not just mainly in Venezuela.

I have a friend named Katarina, who married a Canadian and recently moved in Canada. She’s just my neighbor and we became good friends because I saw her checking on the structure of her house so I welcomed her in the neighborhood.

She opened up about how different Canada and Venezuela is in terms of houses. For her, they were not really rich there but they can afford to live in a house. The housing problems in Venezuela are getting worst and I can see my fellow Venezuelans sleeping just about anywhere. They decided to move here because his husband wants to continue his construction business in Toronto.

I asked her about what she was doing earlier when she was checking the structure of her house. She’s seeing water marks on her ceiling and they didn’t notice it before they moved in. She showed it to me and when I saw it I can tell that her roof needs to be fixed. So I told her to call roofers Toronto and have them work on it.

Katarina shared to me that whenever they need to fix the roof, they usually do it on their own and not call anyone for help because they think the roof can easily be fixed without hiring the professionals to do it. I understand the fact that she’s still adjusting, but I told her it’s different here in Canada. We don’t have the same weather conditions which is why we need the professionals to help us with the roof.

Whether it’s a flat roof repair or not, as long as it’s damaged, we let the professionals handle them because they have the right equipment and they know what to do with it. They can help us extend the life of the roof because they are properly maintained. If we do it on our own, things could get worse and we’d end up paying more for the damage we could cause.

She was very thankful that we were able to talk about it because she didn’t really have plans on calling a professional to fix her roof. By the next day, roofers were able to help her and get the job done quickly. Whenever she remembers her hometown in Venezuela, she’d always talk about how different the living conditions are in Canada. I also feel sad thinking about the people who have housing problems because we all know how important it is for a person to live in a decent home.

The State of Personal Injury Laws in Venezuela

The State of Personal Injury Laws in Venezuela

Venezuela has significantly changed over the past two decades. This is because of Hugo Chavez and his reforms. While Chavez has improved many aspects of Venezuelan life, he has also made many aspects of Venezuelan life much worse. This is the reason why he continues to be a very polarizing figure. Whatever the case may be, the changes are there.

One of the things that in some ways have gotten worse with regard to Venezuelan life is human rights. For one, many people are unable to attain justice for the personal injuries they have suffered at the hands of other people, and this is especially the case when the injustice is perpetrated by persons who have influence in the government. Because of this, so many Venezuelans who have become victims of injustice are unable to deal with the costs of living after they got injured. The hospital bills and the expenses that result from loss of employment are just two of the many things many Venezuelan victims of personal injury are unable to deal with. It’s really such a shame. These people should have the right to recover from and deal with their situation effectively, but they are unable to do so because of the poor state of personal injury laws in the country.

When we compare the state of personal injury laws in Venezuela to the state of personal injury laws in Canada, we can definitely say that Canadians have it much better. For this post, we interviewed one personal injury lawyer oshawa ontario citizens trust, Jaime Lynn. Here’s what she had to say on the subject of personal injury law both in Canada and Venezuela:

“As someone who has worked as an oshawa disability lawyer for more than two decades, I can definitely say we have it much better here. Here, when a litigant has credible evidence for their case, they have a 100% chance of winning their case and gaining maximum compensation for the hurts they have suffered. It’s very different in Venezuela; it’s a lot worse there. In Venezuela, even when one has credible evidence for their claims, they can still have a low chance of winning their case. It really depends on who they’re going up against. Should they go up against political bigwigs, they’re surely going to have a hard time attaining justice. It is certainly possible, but it’s going to take some time, effort, and even persistence.”

Hopefully, this post of ours proves enlightening to our many readers who are from outside Venezuela. Venezuela has changed both for the better and for the worse over the past two decades; one can’t definitely look at the country in black-and-white terms. To fully understand the situation of the country; one has to really take an in-depth look at it. Anything less than that would not give people an objective understanding of the country’s situation. Anyhow, please do check back again tomorrow for more information regarding the state of human rights in Venezuela. Tomorrow, we will be talking about the government’s relationship with the media.

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